Ragdoll Cats: The Elegant and Cool Creatures on the Earth!

Ragdoll cats are one of the most sought after breeds of cat, when it comes to the pedigree. Having an amazing appearance, kind demeanor, and sweet nature, which has made it one of the rising stars of the cat world. They are elegant cats. This is the main reason why people like this cat very much. This is an ideal cat, which is liked by people to a great extent. This breed is found more characteristically with breeders, even they are affordable. When you are going to own a Ragdoll cat, then you need to go through its complete information like its personality, behavior, types, and much more.

Some people have a misconception about the cats that they know everything about it. However, it is not a true thing because all of the cats are not the same. This is why it is good to through the comprehensive information about the ragdoll cats before having them.


Know the history

This cat breed has origins, which are surrounded by tall tales and controversies. Based on many stories, Josephine, which was the foundation cat, and it produced unexceptional kittens until she was hit by a car in the initial 1960s. The story was started by Ann Baker, who was a Persian cat breeder in the California. Once the recovery was done, all of the subsequent litters created kittens that showed the characteristics of the Ragdoll, which includes big size, the tendency to stay relaxed in the arms of the person like a child has a rag doll, non-matting fur, and tranquil dispositions. As Ms. Baker had an interesting character, this is why she decided to work on these things. Ms. Baker was so pleased with the kittens, which took her to develop a registry for the breed by own. It continued for a whole until in the year of 1975, other Ragdoll enthusiasts developed a different association allegedly because of her rising eccentricities. This parting was the understandable way of great fiction within the enthusiasts of the newly developing breed, however was ultimately overcome.
At last, in the year of 1993, the Cat Fanciers Association begun registering Ragdoll cats. And when the year 2000 arrived, 2000 Ragdoll cats were progressive to championship status in almost all the North American Cat Associations. Similarly, there are some other stories that are linked to it and are very amazing.

How the Rag doll cats behave?

This is a cat breed, which loves company the most. It does not tend that they are not independent, even they are independent too. They are not overly demanding. When it comes to their voice, it is also soft as their nature. Due to their calm nature, they are known as excellent pets to be kept at their homes. They can still be very full of fun especially when they are kittens. When they entered in the adulthood, they can jump around, but they prefer to keep themselves on the ground level. So, the overall behavior of the Ragdoll cats often seem to be easy-going and relaxed.

Intelligence is another feature of the Ragdoll cats. They are intelligent too. If you will train them to do some tricks and activities, they can easily learn very well and give the best performance after the positive reinforcement training.
Why they are known as Ragdoll cats? The name ‘Ragdoll’ is taken from their capability to flop over in a comfortable and relaxed manner when lifted up. As compared to other breeds, they are the master of the relaxation, which love to invest time in curling up in the bed if not in the arms of its master.

Know the personality and temper level

If we talk about the temperament, they are very friendly, extraordinarily with other kinds of cats and also humans. Due to their charming devotion to the family, they have become the most popular cat breeds in the world. They are disgracefully tolerant of animals and children, making them a sought after pet for a family. Even though, anecdotally, these cats have an outstandingly tolerance ability when it comes to the children’s play even to the point of permitting themselves to be dressed up or taken into the buggies. It is important to keep in mind that every cat possesses its own limits. As a Ragdoll cat is tolerating this behavior of kids, it does not mean that she is taking pleasure of it. For the security of your kids and even the cat, it is important to look after them. Make sure that you are taking them outside for some time because they also need space.

Features to go through!

While owning a Ragdoll cat, if you have an idea about its features, then you will be able to make a right decision for your pet. Let’s discuss some extraordinary features of the Ragdoll cats, which are mentioned below:
  • They have oval blue eyes.
  • The coats of the Ragdoll cats are anywhere that may range from medium length to a lengthy one.
  • They have a soft and silky fur, which is comprised of guard hairs and often considered as being like rabbit fur.
  • Due to no undercoat, Ragdoll cats have a fluffed up look. They also possess a unique fluff or ruff around the neck area.
  • Due to their massive size, they are called as big cats as they have an amazingly fluffy coat.

What’s about the size and color?

Size plays a great role when we are considering the selection of the Ragdoll cats. Even, it is also to be said that size is a remarkable feature of these elegant animals. They are big, heavy, powerfully built cats, with the huge Ragdoll cats possibly have a weight of up to 25 pounds. The average size is 10 to 20 pounds.

By birth, they have the same color, white. They will stay white until they are around 10 days old. This is the time, when the color will begin to develop. They will not get the actual true adult color until they reach the two years. They are often contemplated as ‘pointed’ when the discussion on the Ragdoll cat color is done. Till date, there are three colors of the Ragdoll cats that include chocolate blue, seal, and lilac. It is also to be seen that there are lynx and tortoiseshell patterns observed in the coats.


Due to some expanded colors and other features of the coat, they are categorized into some different types. Take a close look at these types of the Ragdoll cats having their own coat pattern:

Solid points: They have the similar beautiful markings as the Siamese cats. The only difference is that they have a fluffy physique. The color points are on the feet, ears, tail, and sometimes, on the body. The remaining part of the body should be cream, ivory, or soft white.

Mitted ragdolls: This cat looks like she has small white mittens on the forward-facing paws. This look is the classic one. This is why many of the cat fans and breeds are convinced that this is the only Ragdoll cat type that looks real. There are also white stockings on the back feet of the Mitted Ragdoll, a white stripe on the belly, and a white spot on the chin. Most of the cats of this type also possess a white strip or blaze on the face.

Lynx: It looks same as the solid point ragdoll cat, however with tabby cat marks on the points. There is a formation of the letter ‘W’ on the forehead, giving her a bit of a worried look. They have the faint strips on the tails and legs.

Bicolor: From the bicolor, it means that it may have two colored ragdolls. It is easy to combine with mitted ragdolls. You can differentiate between both of them in the manner that a bicolor ragdoll will have complete white feet rather than defined stockings and mittens. Bicolor ragdolls have more color on the back and the body, and the fluffy haired chest is usually white in color.

Getting a Ragdoll Kitten

After going through the necessary information about the ragdoll cats regarding their personality, temperament, types, and much more, you should be familiar with the fact that where can you buy a ragdoll cat of any type. Possibly, you are willing to buy a ragdoll kitten from a cat breeder, who is specialized in the Ragdoll cats, then you need to know what to look for.

Understanding the terminology of the cat breeders is important. You will see that there are 4 different Ragdoll kitten categories to choose from, these are:
  • Show Alter Quality
  • Pet Alter Quality
  • Show or breeder quality
  • Breeder quality

At the same time, you also need to take care of the price. Different breeders offer different prices due to many different reasons. Make sure that you go through all the pricing details about the Ragdoll kittens before hiring any of the Ragdoll cat breeders. So, start your search now for having a cute and pretty ragdoll kitten.

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