Munchkin Cats and Their Different Cat Breeds!

Munchkin cats might look cute, cuddling toy, lazy pet, but moving at high pace will make you realize how energetic they actually are. These are the cats packed with amazing features and instinct.  He can play with friendly dogs, other cats and your kids are going to have the best time of their lives with these little fluffy fellows. Don't feel too cute to look at his little legs. They might not get as much higher as other cats, but can jump on furniture and will the places finally where you can't imagine. These are naughty little brats. Munchkin comes in small-medium breeds and can weigh up to five to nine pounds. These cats have short legs rather looks totally like other cats with thick coats, different colors & patterns. These are ideal for home environment giving them full pampering. You need to protect these little cats from other big breeds, disease, vehicles and other animal attacks and they can live up to 13 years.


Munchkin history

This cute cat breed emerges from genetic mutation and has history throughout in Britain in the year 1944, Russia 1956 and New England 1970. This breed also existed in Louisiana 1980's. In 1893 a cat was found in streets and was a mother of munchkin cat. That cat and her kitten (male) were crossed to domestic breed. This procedure out crosses to domestic longhairs & short hairs are still permitted to make sure there is a different gene pool.

The international cat association who is responsible for the study of the new cat breeds development framework started a program in 1994 to study genetics and monitoring the data related to breeding.  They started to oversee development of munchkin. The short legs of the breed turned out to have inheritance patterns like Dachshunds and corgis. In 2003 munching cat breed got full recognition by the cat association, but the cat fanciers association hasn't given recognition to this cat breed.

Munchkin personality & temperament

This is a very friendly breed, full of energy and likes to be kindly handled. In return, he is going to give you too much cuddling, cuteness and when times call he is going to show you his actions in speed. You will always see this cat in action. There will be rare occasions when you will sit munchkin sitting on his hind lings and staring at something that interests him. He might not go to high, but if he decides to reach the place, you will certainly find him there one day. These are intelligent cats and you can teach them some amazing tricks. You can offer them treats to teach them. You must pick a munchkin from a recognized dealer with all the possible information you can.


How to take care of munchkin health?

There is no breed on the planet that cannot get caught by any genetic disease. There is no point in buying a munchkin from a dealer who is offering you hundred percent guarantees on the health of the cats. They are lying. Munchkins are active and healthy. It seems, they might not have any spinal issues, but this is a quite young breed, so anything can happen. You must buy a kitten from pet providers who provide you guarantee in writing.


On your behalf, you must also be prepared to take care of the kitten.  You have to pamper him not make him stubborn so that he can develop obesity like problems. You need to give your pet full time.  Just taking him home won't be enough for the animal. You just have to maintain a proper weight and your munchkin will be fine.

Grooming of munchkin


You will get here is easy grooming when it comes to coat.  If your kitten has a short coat you can brush it once in a week.  In case of long haired, you need to brush twice a week. This will prevent tangles and mats. Regular ear cleaning and nail teaming is also an essential part of grooming. The munchkins also need regular brushing to avoid bad breath. Keeping your pet hygiene well will pay you back. You will have a clean and healthy pet. So take your pet to vet regularly and take care of his grooming as well.

Know the different breeds of the Munchkin cats

Based on the International Cat Association in 1994, you will find that there are eight Munchkin cat breeds. Let’s go through some of the cat breeds that share the features of different cat breeds, which is as follows:  



It is a cross-breed between a Sphynx and an American curl and a Munchkin cat. A mix of all these cat breeds is all because it shares features of all of them. It has the short legs of the Munchkin, the curled ears of the American cats, and the bald-headedness of the Sphynx. It has a small size that has a weight of 4 to 7 pounds as an average. It is a new breed of the cat that has originated in the USA. When it comes to personality, these cats are sociable, playful, and friendly.



It is a combination of the American curl cat and the Munchkin cat. It shares the features of both these cat breeds. Having the short legs from the Munchkin breed and the curled ears from the American curl. Being a small in size, it has a weight of average up to 5 to 6 pounds. Terri Harris established this cat breed in the year of 1994 from Munchkinlane Cattery located in Inverness, Florida. They are very intelligent cats, as well as, entertain-able, playful, sociable, and lively. They named Kinkalow from the word ‘Kink’ that defines the kinky ears and the ‘Low’ meaning the low legs.



The mixture of the Persian cat and the Munchkin cat. It has the features like the Munchkin’s short legs and Persian’s baby face. The weight of the Napoleon cat is 5 to 9 pounds. Joseph B. Smith founded this cat breed for the American Kennel Club in 1995. When it comes to the personality, they are good-natured, docile, and sweet. On January, 2015, the name of this cat breed has changed to Minuet by the Board of Directors with the ICA.  Some people call it by its previous name.



Sharing the characteristics of the LaPerm cat and the Munchkin cat, Skookum cats have short legs and the curly coat from the Munchkin and the LaPerm respectively. Their weight is up to 3 to 7 pounds as an average. The meaning of the Skookum is the brave, strong, or powerful. It means that these cat breeds have a great sense of activeness, intelligence, and curiosity.



This cat breed is a mixture of the Selkirk Rex cat and the Munchkin cat. It is a short leg creature having the curly coat. Short legs come from the Munchkin cat breed and the curly coat is from Selkirk Rex. Terri Harris, who was the founder of the Kinkalow cat, also found this cat breed in 1991. They play with others because of their playful nature. Apart from that, they are upbeat and easy-going in nature.



It is a cross breed between the Bengal, a Savannah and the Munchkin cat. Owning the features of these three cat breeds has made it a popular cat breed among others. It has the short legs because of the Munchkin cat, the spotted and the exotic coat due to the Savannah and the Bengal. It was established by Shannon Kiley in 2006. He came from Pawstruck Cattery located in the North Eastern region of Texas. Having a weight of 4 to 8 pounds, these cats are small in size. When we talk about the personality and temperament of these cat breeds, they are very smart, intelligent, confident, and alert. They got their name ‘Genetta’ due to the fact that they have too much resemblance with the African Genet.



The mixture of the Sphynx cat and the munchkin cat is the Bambino. It got its features from both of these cat breeds, like short legs from a Munchkin cat and the baldness from the Sphynx. The weight of the Bambino cat breed is 4 to 9 pounds. Pat Stephanie Osborne was the person, who founded it in 2005. The name of the Bambino cat comes from the Italian word ‘baby.’ A Bambino cat is the friendly, lively, and affectionate, when it comes to the behavior.

From where to get munchkin kitten

No matter whether you want to have a Munchkin cat breed or other cat breeds that are the amalgamation of the Munchkin and other breeds, you should always research well. You must always walk to a reputable dealer when it comes to munchkins. Always find a cat breeder, who can give you the valuable information on the Munchkin cats and other cats as well that combine the features of the Munchkin cats. They are going to provide a guarantee on which you can trust. Start looking online. Look what they have to offer you. Find how reliable they are and then compare. 
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