Birman Cat Breed Facts, Personality & Characteristics!

Birman cat is beautiful thus deserves beautiful origin as well. Birman is a sacred cat of Burma and has acquired his beautiful features from a goddess who was having blue eyes. There are many legends behind this cat, but ho why really came into existence is still unknown.  There are many theories, however no solid evidence. It is said that these cats might have carried genes within various cats in Southeast Asia. The features like blue eyes, long hair, and pointed pattern. These cats were also created in France; cats were shipped to France and crossed. There was a breed in Europe. In 1959 these cats were imported for the first time to the United States. Birman got recognition in 1967.


A personality of Birman cat

This is the cat that weighs six to twelve pounds. If you do not like features of the other cats like heavy voice and pointed pattern, then Birman is the right cat for you. Birman has beautiful blue eyes that will AWW you.  This is quite and a docile cat who loves to follow their humans all around the house. They love if you are going to involve them in what you are doing. They are not as bossy as Siamese cats so you will love having his lending paws.

Birman is not the dumb cat but is seriously curious and intelligent. There are many stories of Birman cats wandering around and got stuck at impossible places like underneath floors in renovation areas and at the top of running cars.  If you have this cat at home, then you must have your one eye at him. Birman is going to softly communicate to you and ask for cuddles or dinner. He will like to sit on your lap and like sitting beside you.

The health of Birman cats

All cats have potential to develop the genetic disease and this is natural. There is no guarantee on the health of these animals. Mixed breeds and pedigreed kittens can easily develop genetic diseases.  There are several health issues they can develop such as
  • High concentration of creatinine/urea in blood, which can affect kidney
  • Hair issues, immune deficiency, the risk of death and infection due to congenital hypotrichosis. It is a rare condition.
  • Trembling and shaking in small kittens that are just ten days old. This can last until they are 12 years old. The cause of this condition is unknown and can cure naturally.
  • Corneal dermoid in which hair or skin can grow on a cornea. This can be surgically removed.

These are the disorders which Birman cats can acquire. It is important to take care of them. Some of these conditions are rare and can be cured easily. Still, it is important to buy a kitten from a reputable dealer to get a health guarantee.

Taking care of Birman cat

Birman cats are having a nice and silky coat so it is important to brush it regularly. The coat is easy to comb and does not mat easily. To regular flow skin oils and to remove dead skin cells comb their coat once in a week. These cats shred in spring and winter. This is the time when you will have to comb them more. A warm water bath will also help in shedding loose hair. Immerse the cat in the tub for a nice bath if he allows of course.


You will also have to brush their teeth regularly for best dental hygiene. Weekly teeth brushing are a good idea. After a couple of weeks trim his nails. This will avoid scratches on your furniture and body. Use wet cotton or cloth to clean the sides of the eyes. Clean the ears weekly and wipe them. You can use warm water and cider vinegar to clean the ears. Do not use cotton swabs to clean ear.
Also, take care of the litter box as these are hygiene lovers. This will also keep their coat clean. You must keep the cat indoors to prevent threats and diseases. These cats are also at the risk of being stolen.  Everyone would love to have such a beautiful cat without paying a penny for it.

Grooming of Birman cats

These cats have pointed pattern, medium length, and silky coat.  They have a dark coat on tail, legs, face, and ears, bright blue eyes, sweet expressions. These are medium-sized cats with strong bodies. There are pale shades and other sheds like warm tone, pale cream and shedding in the chest and belly. There is no heavy coat so you do not have to worry about mats.  They have a heavy ruff around the neck. They come in various point colors such as chocolate point, blue point, lynx point etc.

Behavior with other animals and children

Birman is family cats and they love being around kids. If you have a dog and he loves cats, then he is going to definitely enjoy the company of his new friend. Birman loves treats and attention, which they definitely get from children.  He can live happily in a family with kids and other pets if treated with respect.  If you are introducing new pets with the cat, the be slow and nice to your previous pet.

Birman breed facts

Birman is an exotic looking breed and really friendly and adorable pets.  If you are thinking of getting this amazing cat breed at your house, then you will definitely be glad to know about few facts.  Here are 7 facts about Birman breed.

Romantic history

Birman breed is having a very interesting story of origin. It is descendant of temple cat and belonged to a Burman priest.  The priest was attacked by thieves and when he was dyeing the cat stood beside him. Then something mystical happened and the fur of the cat turned in a tint of golden color and the eyes of the cat became deep blue similar to the goddess, which the priest used to worship.

No one knows the actual origin

In reality, no one knows where these cats came from.  People believed it to be sacred as it was a companion of the temple priest. The breed was imported to France from Asia. There are several other stories of a cat being smuggled from temple to a woman who was residing n France. The breed was first shown and got recognition in France in 1920s.


The breed barely got vanished

According to CFA (cat breed registry), the breed got to an end when fanciers stopped its breeding during WWII. There was just one pair left in the country. To preserve its unique bloodline the owners out-crossed those with other breeds may be Persian cats. A fluffy cat was the result which was transported to Europe then. America got this lovely breed in 1997 to embrace when it was officially registered with CFA.  In 2014 Birman breed was ranked 15th as the most popular cat list.

Beautiful eyes & coat

Birman has round face, medium size, and Roman nose. Its most noted features are its beautiful deep blue eyes and its long silky coat. There is a variety of pale colors available and they get the different color as they mature. They also have white gloves and patterns.

Himalayan cat look alike

You will see that Birman resembles Himalayan cats. Himalayans also have blue eyes and dark-tipped coat. There are many subtle differences as well. Birman has pointed nose, we hear Himalayan breed is having a flat face.  Himalayan cats have coats similar to Persian cats. Their coats get tangled easily. Birman's have single layers and they are easy to manage.

Weird behavior

If you think only humans get to engage with habitual behavior or tics, then you are wrong, your pet might go through the same. Some cats might be prone to swallowing, showing and sucking things which are not meant to be eaten.  This is a trait common in Birman breed. The reason for this behavior is unknown. 


Sweet personalities

Birman is well mannered and lovable creatures. They are always eager to be near their humans and are always affectionate. This breed is known to have calm personalities and sweet disposition.  If you love to have a cat in a complete family, then Birman is an ideal cat breed for you. These cats love to play and can easily mix with kids and other pets. The fun fact about Birman’s is that all the kittens are born white.

Solitude is not for them

 These cats prefer being alone sometimes, but not regularly. These cats love to be near and around to their humans. They usually follow them around and love company. This is one highly social breed you get here who loves interactions.  Leaving them alone for long hours can piss them off.
Birman is one beautiful, well-mannered and lovely breed, which is completely ideal to have as a pet.  They are sacred and have beautiful blue eyes.  Make sure to buy Birman kittens from dealers who are reputable and guarantee the best health of their kitten. Avoid getting highly mixed breeds. 

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