Persian Cats, History, Temperament, Grooming & Other Details!

If you love glamour and adore glamorous pets, then you need is a Persian cat. This is the most glamorous puss on the planet. Having cute face, beautiful coat and calm personality make the breed popular among cat lovers. Like any other animal, this cat might face some health issues. Persian cats are high maintenance so keep this in mind. These drawbacks are nil for the people who get carried away with the cute look and amazing personality of this cat. 


In the North America Persian cat is the most popular breed. The breed came into pet fashion in the Victorian era, but actually, the breed existed even long before. The Persian cats are having two types traditional and show.

(The Show & The Traditional Persian Cat)

  • The show Persian cat is having round head having a thick ruff, flat nose and small ears, short broad body and round eyes of copper color, short legs, heavy boning and thick furry tail.
  • The traditional Persian cat is also popular by the name of doll face and lacks extreme features like show Persian cats. The nose is normal with sweet expressions, glamorous coat.

Both the types are available in different colors and patterns and have a similar personality. These cats communicate with humans with cuteness filled eyes and sweet voice. These are lap cats having undemanding and restful personality. These cats love cuddling which is the basic instinct of cats, they are also curious and also playful. These cats do not like to climb or jump, instead of love soft playing and will not mind resting on a couch whole day. Persian cats prefer predictable, serene environment. The best thing about these cats is that they can adapt to loud weather and energetic families as long as their needs are being met and understood. They can adjust easily making lovely pets. They love to play with toys having feathers. These cats come in different patterns and colors. Their long furry coats need to be combed daily that will prevent tangles and remove mats. They also need baths regularly for sweet smell and cleanliness. If you are interested in bringing a Persian cat at your home to make sure that you introduce the little cat to batching so that he can accept it happily and does not trouble you every time you give him a bath.

History of Persian cats

Persian cats are known to have originated from the Persian countries and thus got the name. The cats became popular as a pet in Victorian Britain were cat shows were first seen. These cats are bred to have a short face, round head, chubby cheeks, snub nose, cobby body, but now the features have inflated. The Persian cats are the most popular cat breeds registered by Cat Fanciers Association.

Personality & temperament

Persian cats are the quietest and gentle cats they love people who treat them kindly and can easily adjust to the energetic environment as well.  Unlike athletic cats, these cats prefer scaling the heights like fireplace mantel or bookcase. They also prefer relaxing on the sofa and playing with toys. These cats love children who simply pet them. These cats do not like dress up or dragging by kids. If you are interested in getting a Persian cat at home, make sure that you have a well-mannered kid who knows how to behave with pets. These animals deserve respect and return can give you affectionate time.


These cats greet their human with a gentle voice, but most of the time they use their expressive eyes to show their love and feelings. These cats do not like bothering and don't mind being alone, however, the presence of their kind humans are loved by these cats.  In case of going for trips, you might need to hire a pet sitter who can take care of the pet in the surroundings they are familiar with. They might feel troubled in strange places. Cats are nothing like dogs.

The health of Persian cats

No matter what cat breed it is, still they can suffer from genetic illness or any other health issues, just like humans.  In case any cat breeder or pet shop owner claims that the pet they are selling are not having any genetic issues or health problems are either not knowledgeable or are lying to you.  There is no guarantee on the health of the pets. If they guarantee you 100%, do not trust them at all and get your pet from others who seem to be genuine.  There are many who try to take people in confidence just for the sake of getting the animals sold.

Persian cats have hereditary health issues or can acquire health problems that can create huge concern for you.  The disease can be
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)
  • Polycystic kidney disease( PKD)
  • Bladder stones
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
  • Bladder infections
  • Liver Shunts

You must buy your pets from responsible breeders as they are definitely going to take full measures to prevent these health issues in cats. PKD is a deadly hereditary condition that can affect kidney and eventually it will stop working. This condition can spoil one or both the kidneys. Illness symptoms will become noticeable between 7-10 years, but can also appear in the earlier age in some of the cats.  There are some breeders who are working on different breeding programs so that PKD-free kittens can be breaded.  If you are buying cats from breeders you must ask for the evidence that will show you that both the parents are free from cysts in the kidney. It can be detected by ultrasound. 

PRA is a vision issue and can develop quite early in the kittens (4-8 weeks). This condition can progress rapidly.  In this situation, kittens can completely go blind until they reach 15 weeks of age.  According to the studies, this condition can develop due to genes and a genetic test can be conducted to identify carriers of this disease.

Note: - If you are taking a kitten at home, you must take care of the animal properly and should have potential to prevent the development of such diseases. There are other health problems like obesity. Make sure that your cat is maintaining a proper weight. This is an ideal way to prevent other health issues.  You must take all the preventive measures like vaccines and regular checkups to ensure the best health of your cat.

Grooming of Persian cats


Persian cats are high maintenance and as an owner, you must keep this thing in mind. The coat of Persians is thick and long which needs to be combed daily which will remove loose hair, mats, and tangles.  Tangles and mats can be painful for the pets and lose hair will cause problems to the people of the family. You will find them everywhere, which can cause frustration. To avoid these issues, you must take care of the cat and groom him daily.

 Persian cats can have a shiny coat, silky fur or cotton-like texture. The only drawback is that it can get tangled and needs a little bit extra grooming. Combing is necessary and they also need to be bath once in a week. You must start taking care of these practices the time you bought a kitten at home. Use low heat to dry the coat and comb along with blow drying. 

Persian cats have pushed in face and this has a tendency of eye tear. To avoid staining you must be the face and wipe, particularly beneath the eyes.  Brush the teeth, trim nails and take him to vet regularly.  There are grooming accessories available which are a vet- approved and should be used in case of Persian cats.

Choosing a breeder

Everyone needs a healthy and happy pet and this can only be enjoyed when you are buying pets from a reliable breeder.  Before bringing home, make sure you collect all the essential knowledge of the breed and the breeder.  There are websites like

These are the sites from where you can get the important information. Choose breeders who can provide you with the certifications. There are reputable breeders who are having an online presence and can tell you what is good and bad.  If the breeder is saying yes to everything you are asking for, then it is the red sign to keep away. There is no 100% guarantee on pets about anything.

Make sure to do as much research as you can do so that you get a friendly, happy and healthy Persian cat as a new family member.  This is also going to save money over the long haul.  A cat with health problems will just empty your pockets.

Also, make sure that you are getting Persians only if it suits your lifestyle. Persians are adorable pets so take the best care of them.

Quick facts about Persian cats

  1. The Persian  cats are having gentle  and sweet personality and are usually quiet.
  2. It is a very old breed, but his history is not well known.
  3. These cats  are having long coats which need to be groomed daily.

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