Everything To Know About Siamese Cat’s Origin, History, And Much More!

If you are a cat lover, then you may be curious about the best-known cats in the world. Are you eager in having a vocal, demanding, smart, and curious cat? Then, Siamese cat is one of the well-known and popular cat breeds. This cat will oppose you all day long.


General idea

Being one of the oldest cat breeds, he was ballyhooed as the Royal Cat of Siam, which is named as Thailand these days. This elegantly light-colored cat with the amazing color points in lilac, seal, made, and chocolate made his Western Hemisphere entrance in Victorian England. He has been cherished ever since by a huge crowd of people who love to appreciate his vocal talents and good looks. He has a weight of 6 to 10 pounds.

Two types

This famous cat breed comes in 2 types, that is, Show and Traditional. The Traditional Siamese or the apple-headed Siamese, has a smooth-edged chunky body and head. While on the other hand, the Show Siamese has a tube-shaped body on lengthy legs, a wedge-shaped head along with triangular, big legs and an extended tail. In addition, the Show is a work of contemporary art, all angles and lines. Both types of the Siamese cat possess bright colored blue eyes, which demand the worship because of all cats.

Let’s discuss the personality!

No matter irrespective of the type of the Siamese cat you select, they both have the same awesome personality. Some people want this cat for just his looks. If you are the guy who is going to have it for his amazing looks, then you need to rethink about it. When it comes to the personality, it is a cat who are passionate about the people and need to involve himself in all the acts or things they are doing. At some time, if the people are not around him, then he will be going to entertain himself by playing with cabinets, faucets, looking for new hidey-holes to annoy anyone, who might be looking for him or many others. He also tends to watch television with a clear and keen interest. He can also walk on leash and do some activities like fetching with the similar inspiration and confidence as a certain other 4-legged animal to which he disregards being compared. His nick name is Meezer.

  • His voice makes him popular than his looks.
  • He can do interactions or conversations with his boss during the day and night.
  • He can give his opinions and ideas on what you are going to feed him or what you are    doing, or the extent of the attention he is getting from you.
  • He also explains what the dog in the surrounding is doing.


So, this is the cat to have only if you love his astonishing appearance, and never mind his bad language. Based on his personality, you can provide him with puzzle toys so that he can keep himself entertained and cannot mess up with anything. He is an interesting cat, who loves people of all ages both children and adults. This cat likes those people who desire to spend time with him, playing with him, speak to him, and get entertained.

A little bit about the history!

As above-mentioned, he entered in Victorian England by making his Western Hemisphere debut at Cat Show held in London’s Crystal Palace in 1871. There is nothing to be wondered in knowing that the primary Siamese to come to the USA arrived as a personage. In the year of 1879, the US Diplomat in Bangkok sent one of the unusual cats of the Thailand to Lucy Hayes, who was the President’s wife. He got spotlight as he had represented in many of the family favorite movies including
  • The Aristocrat
  • The Incredible Journey
  • Lady and the Tramp

At present, he has become a unique cat breed that has enumerated by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Color of the coat and its grooming

The appearance of the Siamese is based on the standard of the breed of each specific organization. Many cat associations call to have a graceful but muscular body with long lines. Its tubular body is supported by slim and long legs. The back legs support the body instead of front legs. He walks on dainty, small, oval paws and has a thin and long tail that spills to a fine point.
When it comes to the short coat, it has a fine texture. You can find it in four colors according to the International Cat Association including a pale fawn, seal point, deep seal brown, chocolate point, and a bluish-white body. All of these different colored Siamese have different body colors and features. The association permits for a variety of colors beyond the 4 point colors approved by CFA. They involve red points, tabby points, cream points, smoke points, silver tabby points, and parti-color points.


Maintain the hygiene

When you are going to own Siamese, it is also essential to understand the basics of the grooming for protecting the cat from all possible health diseases. There is nothing to be stressful as the short coat is very easy to groom. The coat can be combed using a stainless steel comb on a weekly basis. Moreover, the nails should be trimmed according to the requirements and it should be done generally every 10 to 14 days.

Keep in mind; the cats are inclined to periodontal disease. This is the reason why it is recommended to brush the cat’s teeth at home. Make sure to use a vet-approved toothpaste of the pet. Along with that, it is good to get appointments with veterinary dental cleanings on a regular basis.

Experts have advised that Siamese can be kept as an indoor-only cat so that he can stay protected from attacks by coyotes or dogs, diseases spread by other cats, and the other risks that cats may suffer from who go outside like being hit by a car. Many times, there are incidents, in which the Siamese cats are stolen by someone because of the elegant cats they have. So, you will have to take care of your cat, preventing the dangers for him.


Health plays an essential role for everyone, especially for animals as they tend to spread a wide range of diseases to the surrounding as well if they themselves are ill. You should know the health risks associated with the cats. Both mixed-breed cats and pedigreed cats have varying risks of health issues. These issues may be genetic in nature. The below-mentioned is the list of some possible health issues that Siamese may have:

  • Asthma or any bronchial disease.
  • Amyloidosis, this disease takes place when a kind of protein is deposited. This protein is called amyloid. 
  • Congenital heart weaknesses like aortic stenosis.

Kids and other pets

He is a social and active Siamese, who is an ideal choice for families with kids. If you have a dog at your home, then Siamese is a right choice. He has exciting features, which let him to play the fetch and also retrieves the things. Due to his greater personality, he also tends to learn tricks easily. Getting the attention from children and people is an exciting feature. He appreciates those people who treat him with respect in a caring and polite manner.

Features not to overlook

  •       Friendly to cats and kids
  •       Greater affection level and adaptability
  •       Higher energy
  •       Smart and attentive cats
  •       Have social needs
  •       Friendly to strangers as well

How to select a Siamese breeder?


Once you learn more about the Siamese before getting him to the home, then you have done your homework well and it would be pretty good to do your research work. On the web, there are many websites, where you can have complete information about the history, personality, appearance, care and health, or much more. So, before going to have a Siamese breed cat, it is good that you learn more about it.

Apart from the knowledge about the Siamese cat, it is also highly recommended that you should have a reputable breeder, from where you will get it. check out the breeder whether or not they will be abide by the code of ethics, which forbid sales to wholesalers and pet stores and outlines the responsibilities of the breeders to their cats and to purchasers. You need to pick up a breeder, who has achieved the health certification that are essential to screen out genetic health issues.

For finding a reputable breeder, you can take the support of the local veterinarian, who can recommend you about the breed to have, or where the healthy kittens are available. Prior to investing your money in the Siamese cat, making some hard efforts in the research work will give the best results in the long term. Make sure to show some patience because people may have to wait for six months or more to have a right Siamese kitten to be available. A number of breeders would not release kittens to new places until they have reached 12 to 16 weeks of age. So, be smart and take a wise action.

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