Munchkin Cats and Their Different Cat Breeds!

Munchkin cats might look cute, cuddling toy, lazy pet, but moving at high pace will make you realize how energetic they actually are. These are the cats packed with amazing features and instinct.  He can play with friendly dogs, other cats and your kids are going to have the best time of their lives with these little fluffy fellows. Don't feel too cute to look at his little legs. They might not get as much higher as other cats, but can jump on furniture and will the places finally where you can't imagine. These are naughty little brats. Munchkin comes in small-medium breeds and can weigh up to five to nine pounds. These cats have short legs rather looks totally like other cats with thick coats, different colors & patterns. These are ideal for home environment giving them full pampering. You need to protect these little cats from other big breeds, disease, vehicles and other animal attacks and they can live up to 13 years.


Munchkin history

This cute cat breed emerges from genetic mutation and has history throughout in Britain in the year 1944, Russia 1956 and New England 1970. This breed also existed in Louisiana 1980's. In 1893 a cat was found in streets and was a mother of munchkin cat. That cat and her kitten (male) were crossed to domestic breed. This procedure out crosses to domestic longhairs & short hairs are still permitted to make sure there is a different gene pool.

The international cat association who is responsible for the study of the new cat breeds development framework started a program in 1994 to study genetics and monitoring the data related to breeding.  They started to oversee development of munchkin. The short legs of the breed turned out to have inheritance patterns like Dachshunds and corgis. In 2003 munching cat breed got full recognition by the cat association, but the cat fanciers association hasn't given recognition to this cat breed.

Munchkin personality & temperament

This is a very friendly breed, full of energy and likes to be kindly handled. In return, he is going to give you too much cuddling, cuteness and when times call he is going to show you his actions in speed. You will always see this cat in action. There will be rare occasions when you will sit munchkin sitting on his hind lings and staring at something that interests him. He might not go to high, but if he decides to reach the place, you will certainly find him there one day. These are intelligent cats and you can teach them some amazing tricks. You can offer them treats to teach them. You must pick a munchkin from a recognized dealer with all the possible information you can.


How to take care of munchkin health?

There is no breed on the planet that cannot get caught by any genetic disease. There is no point in buying a munchkin from a dealer who is offering you hundred percent guarantees on the health of the cats. They are lying. Munchkins are active and healthy. It seems, they might not have any spinal issues, but this is a quite young breed, so anything can happen. You must buy a kitten from pet providers who provide you guarantee in writing.


On your behalf, you must also be prepared to take care of the kitten.  You have to pamper him not make him stubborn so that he can develop obesity like problems. You need to give your pet full time.  Just taking him home won't be enough for the animal. You just have to maintain a proper weight and your munchkin will be fine.

Grooming of munchkin


You will get here is easy grooming when it comes to coat.  If your kitten has a short coat you can brush it once in a week.  In case of long haired, you need to brush twice a week. This will prevent tangles and mats. Regular ear cleaning and nail teaming is also an essential part of grooming. The munchkins also need regular brushing to avoid bad breath. Keeping your pet hygiene well will pay you back. You will have a clean and healthy pet. So take your pet to vet regularly and take care of his grooming as well.

Know the different breeds of the Munchkin cats

Based on the International Cat Association in 1994, you will find that there are eight Munchkin cat breeds. Let’s go through some of the cat breeds that share the features of different cat breeds, which is as follows:  



It is a cross-breed between a Sphynx and an American curl and a Munchkin cat. A mix of all these cat breeds is all because it shares features of all of them. It has the short legs of the Munchkin, the curled ears of the American cats, and the bald-headedness of the Sphynx. It has a small size that has a weight of 4 to 7 pounds as an average. It is a new breed of the cat that has originated in the USA. When it comes to personality, these cats are sociable, playful, and friendly.



It is a combination of the American curl cat and the Munchkin cat. It shares the features of both these cat breeds. Having the short legs from the Munchkin breed and the curled ears from the American curl. Being a small in size, it has a weight of average up to 5 to 6 pounds. Terri Harris established this cat breed in the year of 1994 from Munchkinlane Cattery located in Inverness, Florida. They are very intelligent cats, as well as, entertain-able, playful, sociable, and lively. They named Kinkalow from the word ‘Kink’ that defines the kinky ears and the ‘Low’ meaning the low legs.



The mixture of the Persian cat and the Munchkin cat. It has the features like the Munchkin’s short legs and Persian’s baby face. The weight of the Napoleon cat is 5 to 9 pounds. Joseph B. Smith founded this cat breed for the American Kennel Club in 1995. When it comes to the personality, they are good-natured, docile, and sweet. On January, 2015, the name of this cat breed has changed to Minuet by the Board of Directors with the ICA.  Some people call it by its previous name.



Sharing the characteristics of the LaPerm cat and the Munchkin cat, Skookum cats have short legs and the curly coat from the Munchkin and the LaPerm respectively. Their weight is up to 3 to 7 pounds as an average. The meaning of the Skookum is the brave, strong, or powerful. It means that these cat breeds have a great sense of activeness, intelligence, and curiosity.



This cat breed is a mixture of the Selkirk Rex cat and the Munchkin cat. It is a short leg creature having the curly coat. Short legs come from the Munchkin cat breed and the curly coat is from Selkirk Rex. Terri Harris, who was the founder of the Kinkalow cat, also found this cat breed in 1991. They play with others because of their playful nature. Apart from that, they are upbeat and easy-going in nature.



It is a cross breed between the Bengal, a Savannah and the Munchkin cat. Owning the features of these three cat breeds has made it a popular cat breed among others. It has the short legs because of the Munchkin cat, the spotted and the exotic coat due to the Savannah and the Bengal. It was established by Shannon Kiley in 2006. He came from Pawstruck Cattery located in the North Eastern region of Texas. Having a weight of 4 to 8 pounds, these cats are small in size. When we talk about the personality and temperament of these cat breeds, they are very smart, intelligent, confident, and alert. They got their name ‘Genetta’ due to the fact that they have too much resemblance with the African Genet.



The mixture of the Sphynx cat and the munchkin cat is the Bambino. It got its features from both of these cat breeds, like short legs from a Munchkin cat and the baldness from the Sphynx. The weight of the Bambino cat breed is 4 to 9 pounds. Pat Stephanie Osborne was the person, who founded it in 2005. The name of the Bambino cat comes from the Italian word ‘baby.’ A Bambino cat is the friendly, lively, and affectionate, when it comes to the behavior.

From where to get munchkin kitten

No matter whether you want to have a Munchkin cat breed or other cat breeds that are the amalgamation of the Munchkin and other breeds, you should always research well. You must always walk to a reputable dealer when it comes to munchkins. Always find a cat breeder, who can give you the valuable information on the Munchkin cats and other cats as well that combine the features of the Munchkin cats. They are going to provide a guarantee on which you can trust. Start looking online. Look what they have to offer you. Find how reliable they are and then compare. 

Birman Cat Breed Facts, Personality & Characteristics!

Birman cat is beautiful thus deserves beautiful origin as well. Birman is a sacred cat of Burma and has acquired his beautiful features from a goddess who was having blue eyes. There are many legends behind this cat, but ho why really came into existence is still unknown.  There are many theories, however no solid evidence. It is said that these cats might have carried genes within various cats in Southeast Asia. The features like blue eyes, long hair, and pointed pattern. These cats were also created in France; cats were shipped to France and crossed. There was a breed in Europe. In 1959 these cats were imported for the first time to the United States. Birman got recognition in 1967.


A personality of Birman cat

This is the cat that weighs six to twelve pounds. If you do not like features of the other cats like heavy voice and pointed pattern, then Birman is the right cat for you. Birman has beautiful blue eyes that will AWW you.  This is quite and a docile cat who loves to follow their humans all around the house. They love if you are going to involve them in what you are doing. They are not as bossy as Siamese cats so you will love having his lending paws.

Birman is not the dumb cat but is seriously curious and intelligent. There are many stories of Birman cats wandering around and got stuck at impossible places like underneath floors in renovation areas and at the top of running cars.  If you have this cat at home, then you must have your one eye at him. Birman is going to softly communicate to you and ask for cuddles or dinner. He will like to sit on your lap and like sitting beside you.

The health of Birman cats

All cats have potential to develop the genetic disease and this is natural. There is no guarantee on the health of these animals. Mixed breeds and pedigreed kittens can easily develop genetic diseases.  There are several health issues they can develop such as
  • High concentration of creatinine/urea in blood, which can affect kidney
  • Hair issues, immune deficiency, the risk of death and infection due to congenital hypotrichosis. It is a rare condition.
  • Trembling and shaking in small kittens that are just ten days old. This can last until they are 12 years old. The cause of this condition is unknown and can cure naturally.
  • Corneal dermoid in which hair or skin can grow on a cornea. This can be surgically removed.

These are the disorders which Birman cats can acquire. It is important to take care of them. Some of these conditions are rare and can be cured easily. Still, it is important to buy a kitten from a reputable dealer to get a health guarantee.

Taking care of Birman cat

Birman cats are having a nice and silky coat so it is important to brush it regularly. The coat is easy to comb and does not mat easily. To regular flow skin oils and to remove dead skin cells comb their coat once in a week. These cats shred in spring and winter. This is the time when you will have to comb them more. A warm water bath will also help in shedding loose hair. Immerse the cat in the tub for a nice bath if he allows of course.


You will also have to brush their teeth regularly for best dental hygiene. Weekly teeth brushing are a good idea. After a couple of weeks trim his nails. This will avoid scratches on your furniture and body. Use wet cotton or cloth to clean the sides of the eyes. Clean the ears weekly and wipe them. You can use warm water and cider vinegar to clean the ears. Do not use cotton swabs to clean ear.
Also, take care of the litter box as these are hygiene lovers. This will also keep their coat clean. You must keep the cat indoors to prevent threats and diseases. These cats are also at the risk of being stolen.  Everyone would love to have such a beautiful cat without paying a penny for it.

Grooming of Birman cats

These cats have pointed pattern, medium length, and silky coat.  They have a dark coat on tail, legs, face, and ears, bright blue eyes, sweet expressions. These are medium-sized cats with strong bodies. There are pale shades and other sheds like warm tone, pale cream and shedding in the chest and belly. There is no heavy coat so you do not have to worry about mats.  They have a heavy ruff around the neck. They come in various point colors such as chocolate point, blue point, lynx point etc.

Behavior with other animals and children

Birman is family cats and they love being around kids. If you have a dog and he loves cats, then he is going to definitely enjoy the company of his new friend. Birman loves treats and attention, which they definitely get from children.  He can live happily in a family with kids and other pets if treated with respect.  If you are introducing new pets with the cat, the be slow and nice to your previous pet.

Birman breed facts

Birman is an exotic looking breed and really friendly and adorable pets.  If you are thinking of getting this amazing cat breed at your house, then you will definitely be glad to know about few facts.  Here are 7 facts about Birman breed.

Romantic history

Birman breed is having a very interesting story of origin. It is descendant of temple cat and belonged to a Burman priest.  The priest was attacked by thieves and when he was dyeing the cat stood beside him. Then something mystical happened and the fur of the cat turned in a tint of golden color and the eyes of the cat became deep blue similar to the goddess, which the priest used to worship.

No one knows the actual origin

In reality, no one knows where these cats came from.  People believed it to be sacred as it was a companion of the temple priest. The breed was imported to France from Asia. There are several other stories of a cat being smuggled from temple to a woman who was residing n France. The breed was first shown and got recognition in France in 1920s.


The breed barely got vanished

According to CFA (cat breed registry), the breed got to an end when fanciers stopped its breeding during WWII. There was just one pair left in the country. To preserve its unique bloodline the owners out-crossed those with other breeds may be Persian cats. A fluffy cat was the result which was transported to Europe then. America got this lovely breed in 1997 to embrace when it was officially registered with CFA.  In 2014 Birman breed was ranked 15th as the most popular cat list.

Beautiful eyes & coat

Birman has round face, medium size, and Roman nose. Its most noted features are its beautiful deep blue eyes and its long silky coat. There is a variety of pale colors available and they get the different color as they mature. They also have white gloves and patterns.

Himalayan cat look alike

You will see that Birman resembles Himalayan cats. Himalayans also have blue eyes and dark-tipped coat. There are many subtle differences as well. Birman has pointed nose, we hear Himalayan breed is having a flat face.  Himalayan cats have coats similar to Persian cats. Their coats get tangled easily. Birman's have single layers and they are easy to manage.

Weird behavior

If you think only humans get to engage with habitual behavior or tics, then you are wrong, your pet might go through the same. Some cats might be prone to swallowing, showing and sucking things which are not meant to be eaten.  This is a trait common in Birman breed. The reason for this behavior is unknown. 


Sweet personalities

Birman is well mannered and lovable creatures. They are always eager to be near their humans and are always affectionate. This breed is known to have calm personalities and sweet disposition.  If you love to have a cat in a complete family, then Birman is an ideal cat breed for you. These cats love to play and can easily mix with kids and other pets. The fun fact about Birman’s is that all the kittens are born white.

Solitude is not for them

 These cats prefer being alone sometimes, but not regularly. These cats love to be near and around to their humans. They usually follow them around and love company. This is one highly social breed you get here who loves interactions.  Leaving them alone for long hours can piss them off.
Birman is one beautiful, well-mannered and lovely breed, which is completely ideal to have as a pet.  They are sacred and have beautiful blue eyes.  Make sure to buy Birman kittens from dealers who are reputable and guarantee the best health of their kitten. Avoid getting highly mixed breeds. 

Ragdoll Cats: The Elegant and Cool Creatures on the Earth!

Ragdoll cats are one of the most sought after breeds of cat, when it comes to the pedigree. Having an amazing appearance, kind demeanor, and sweet nature, which has made it one of the rising stars of the cat world. They are elegant cats. This is the main reason why people like this cat very much. This is an ideal cat, which is liked by people to a great extent. This breed is found more characteristically with breeders, even they are affordable. When you are going to own a Ragdoll cat, then you need to go through its complete information like its personality, behavior, types, and much more.

Some people have a misconception about the cats that they know everything about it. However, it is not a true thing because all of the cats are not the same. This is why it is good to through the comprehensive information about the ragdoll cats before having them.


Know the history

This cat breed has origins, which are surrounded by tall tales and controversies. Based on many stories, Josephine, which was the foundation cat, and it produced unexceptional kittens until she was hit by a car in the initial 1960s. The story was started by Ann Baker, who was a Persian cat breeder in the California. Once the recovery was done, all of the subsequent litters created kittens that showed the characteristics of the Ragdoll, which includes big size, the tendency to stay relaxed in the arms of the person like a child has a rag doll, non-matting fur, and tranquil dispositions. As Ms. Baker had an interesting character, this is why she decided to work on these things. Ms. Baker was so pleased with the kittens, which took her to develop a registry for the breed by own. It continued for a whole until in the year of 1975, other Ragdoll enthusiasts developed a different association allegedly because of her rising eccentricities. This parting was the understandable way of great fiction within the enthusiasts of the newly developing breed, however was ultimately overcome.
At last, in the year of 1993, the Cat Fanciers Association begun registering Ragdoll cats. And when the year 2000 arrived, 2000 Ragdoll cats were progressive to championship status in almost all the North American Cat Associations. Similarly, there are some other stories that are linked to it and are very amazing.

How the Rag doll cats behave?

This is a cat breed, which loves company the most. It does not tend that they are not independent, even they are independent too. They are not overly demanding. When it comes to their voice, it is also soft as their nature. Due to their calm nature, they are known as excellent pets to be kept at their homes. They can still be very full of fun especially when they are kittens. When they entered in the adulthood, they can jump around, but they prefer to keep themselves on the ground level. So, the overall behavior of the Ragdoll cats often seem to be easy-going and relaxed.

Intelligence is another feature of the Ragdoll cats. They are intelligent too. If you will train them to do some tricks and activities, they can easily learn very well and give the best performance after the positive reinforcement training.
Why they are known as Ragdoll cats? The name ‘Ragdoll’ is taken from their capability to flop over in a comfortable and relaxed manner when lifted up. As compared to other breeds, they are the master of the relaxation, which love to invest time in curling up in the bed if not in the arms of its master.

Know the personality and temper level

If we talk about the temperament, they are very friendly, extraordinarily with other kinds of cats and also humans. Due to their charming devotion to the family, they have become the most popular cat breeds in the world. They are disgracefully tolerant of animals and children, making them a sought after pet for a family. Even though, anecdotally, these cats have an outstandingly tolerance ability when it comes to the children’s play even to the point of permitting themselves to be dressed up or taken into the buggies. It is important to keep in mind that every cat possesses its own limits. As a Ragdoll cat is tolerating this behavior of kids, it does not mean that she is taking pleasure of it. For the security of your kids and even the cat, it is important to look after them. Make sure that you are taking them outside for some time because they also need space.

Features to go through!

While owning a Ragdoll cat, if you have an idea about its features, then you will be able to make a right decision for your pet. Let’s discuss some extraordinary features of the Ragdoll cats, which are mentioned below:
  • They have oval blue eyes.
  • The coats of the Ragdoll cats are anywhere that may range from medium length to a lengthy one.
  • They have a soft and silky fur, which is comprised of guard hairs and often considered as being like rabbit fur.
  • Due to no undercoat, Ragdoll cats have a fluffed up look. They also possess a unique fluff or ruff around the neck area.
  • Due to their massive size, they are called as big cats as they have an amazingly fluffy coat.

What’s about the size and color?

Size plays a great role when we are considering the selection of the Ragdoll cats. Even, it is also to be said that size is a remarkable feature of these elegant animals. They are big, heavy, powerfully built cats, with the huge Ragdoll cats possibly have a weight of up to 25 pounds. The average size is 10 to 20 pounds.

By birth, they have the same color, white. They will stay white until they are around 10 days old. This is the time, when the color will begin to develop. They will not get the actual true adult color until they reach the two years. They are often contemplated as ‘pointed’ when the discussion on the Ragdoll cat color is done. Till date, there are three colors of the Ragdoll cats that include chocolate blue, seal, and lilac. It is also to be seen that there are lynx and tortoiseshell patterns observed in the coats.


Due to some expanded colors and other features of the coat, they are categorized into some different types. Take a close look at these types of the Ragdoll cats having their own coat pattern:

Solid points: They have the similar beautiful markings as the Siamese cats. The only difference is that they have a fluffy physique. The color points are on the feet, ears, tail, and sometimes, on the body. The remaining part of the body should be cream, ivory, or soft white.

Mitted ragdolls: This cat looks like she has small white mittens on the forward-facing paws. This look is the classic one. This is why many of the cat fans and breeds are convinced that this is the only Ragdoll cat type that looks real. There are also white stockings on the back feet of the Mitted Ragdoll, a white stripe on the belly, and a white spot on the chin. Most of the cats of this type also possess a white strip or blaze on the face.

Lynx: It looks same as the solid point ragdoll cat, however with tabby cat marks on the points. There is a formation of the letter ‘W’ on the forehead, giving her a bit of a worried look. They have the faint strips on the tails and legs.

Bicolor: From the bicolor, it means that it may have two colored ragdolls. It is easy to combine with mitted ragdolls. You can differentiate between both of them in the manner that a bicolor ragdoll will have complete white feet rather than defined stockings and mittens. Bicolor ragdolls have more color on the back and the body, and the fluffy haired chest is usually white in color.

Getting a Ragdoll Kitten

After going through the necessary information about the ragdoll cats regarding their personality, temperament, types, and much more, you should be familiar with the fact that where can you buy a ragdoll cat of any type. Possibly, you are willing to buy a ragdoll kitten from a cat breeder, who is specialized in the Ragdoll cats, then you need to know what to look for.

Understanding the terminology of the cat breeders is important. You will see that there are 4 different Ragdoll kitten categories to choose from, these are:
  • Show Alter Quality
  • Pet Alter Quality
  • Show or breeder quality
  • Breeder quality

At the same time, you also need to take care of the price. Different breeders offer different prices due to many different reasons. Make sure that you go through all the pricing details about the Ragdoll kittens before hiring any of the Ragdoll cat breeders. So, start your search now for having a cute and pretty ragdoll kitten.

Persian Cats, History, Temperament, Grooming & Other Details!

If you love glamour and adore glamorous pets, then you need is a Persian cat. This is the most glamorous puss on the planet. Having cute face, beautiful coat and calm personality make the breed popular among cat lovers. Like any other animal, this cat might face some health issues. Persian cats are high maintenance so keep this in mind. These drawbacks are nil for the people who get carried away with the cute look and amazing personality of this cat. 


In the North America Persian cat is the most popular breed. The breed came into pet fashion in the Victorian era, but actually, the breed existed even long before. The Persian cats are having two types traditional and show.

(The Show & The Traditional Persian Cat)

  • The show Persian cat is having round head having a thick ruff, flat nose and small ears, short broad body and round eyes of copper color, short legs, heavy boning and thick furry tail.
  • The traditional Persian cat is also popular by the name of doll face and lacks extreme features like show Persian cats. The nose is normal with sweet expressions, glamorous coat.

Both the types are available in different colors and patterns and have a similar personality. These cats communicate with humans with cuteness filled eyes and sweet voice. These are lap cats having undemanding and restful personality. These cats love cuddling which is the basic instinct of cats, they are also curious and also playful. These cats do not like to climb or jump, instead of love soft playing and will not mind resting on a couch whole day. Persian cats prefer predictable, serene environment. The best thing about these cats is that they can adapt to loud weather and energetic families as long as their needs are being met and understood. They can adjust easily making lovely pets. They love to play with toys having feathers. These cats come in different patterns and colors. Their long furry coats need to be combed daily that will prevent tangles and remove mats. They also need baths regularly for sweet smell and cleanliness. If you are interested in bringing a Persian cat at your home to make sure that you introduce the little cat to batching so that he can accept it happily and does not trouble you every time you give him a bath.

History of Persian cats

Persian cats are known to have originated from the Persian countries and thus got the name. The cats became popular as a pet in Victorian Britain were cat shows were first seen. These cats are bred to have a short face, round head, chubby cheeks, snub nose, cobby body, but now the features have inflated. The Persian cats are the most popular cat breeds registered by Cat Fanciers Association.

Personality & temperament

Persian cats are the quietest and gentle cats they love people who treat them kindly and can easily adjust to the energetic environment as well.  Unlike athletic cats, these cats prefer scaling the heights like fireplace mantel or bookcase. They also prefer relaxing on the sofa and playing with toys. These cats love children who simply pet them. These cats do not like dress up or dragging by kids. If you are interested in getting a Persian cat at home, make sure that you have a well-mannered kid who knows how to behave with pets. These animals deserve respect and return can give you affectionate time.


These cats greet their human with a gentle voice, but most of the time they use their expressive eyes to show their love and feelings. These cats do not like bothering and don't mind being alone, however, the presence of their kind humans are loved by these cats.  In case of going for trips, you might need to hire a pet sitter who can take care of the pet in the surroundings they are familiar with. They might feel troubled in strange places. Cats are nothing like dogs.

The health of Persian cats

No matter what cat breed it is, still they can suffer from genetic illness or any other health issues, just like humans.  In case any cat breeder or pet shop owner claims that the pet they are selling are not having any genetic issues or health problems are either not knowledgeable or are lying to you.  There is no guarantee on the health of the pets. If they guarantee you 100%, do not trust them at all and get your pet from others who seem to be genuine.  There are many who try to take people in confidence just for the sake of getting the animals sold.

Persian cats have hereditary health issues or can acquire health problems that can create huge concern for you.  The disease can be
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)
  • Polycystic kidney disease( PKD)
  • Bladder stones
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
  • Bladder infections
  • Liver Shunts

You must buy your pets from responsible breeders as they are definitely going to take full measures to prevent these health issues in cats. PKD is a deadly hereditary condition that can affect kidney and eventually it will stop working. This condition can spoil one or both the kidneys. Illness symptoms will become noticeable between 7-10 years, but can also appear in the earlier age in some of the cats.  There are some breeders who are working on different breeding programs so that PKD-free kittens can be breaded.  If you are buying cats from breeders you must ask for the evidence that will show you that both the parents are free from cysts in the kidney. It can be detected by ultrasound. 

PRA is a vision issue and can develop quite early in the kittens (4-8 weeks). This condition can progress rapidly.  In this situation, kittens can completely go blind until they reach 15 weeks of age.  According to the studies, this condition can develop due to genes and a genetic test can be conducted to identify carriers of this disease.

Note: - If you are taking a kitten at home, you must take care of the animal properly and should have potential to prevent the development of such diseases. There are other health problems like obesity. Make sure that your cat is maintaining a proper weight. This is an ideal way to prevent other health issues.  You must take all the preventive measures like vaccines and regular checkups to ensure the best health of your cat.

Grooming of Persian cats


Persian cats are high maintenance and as an owner, you must keep this thing in mind. The coat of Persians is thick and long which needs to be combed daily which will remove loose hair, mats, and tangles.  Tangles and mats can be painful for the pets and lose hair will cause problems to the people of the family. You will find them everywhere, which can cause frustration. To avoid these issues, you must take care of the cat and groom him daily.

 Persian cats can have a shiny coat, silky fur or cotton-like texture. The only drawback is that it can get tangled and needs a little bit extra grooming. Combing is necessary and they also need to be bath once in a week. You must start taking care of these practices the time you bought a kitten at home. Use low heat to dry the coat and comb along with blow drying. 

Persian cats have pushed in face and this has a tendency of eye tear. To avoid staining you must be the face and wipe, particularly beneath the eyes.  Brush the teeth, trim nails and take him to vet regularly.  There are grooming accessories available which are a vet- approved and should be used in case of Persian cats.

Choosing a breeder

Everyone needs a healthy and happy pet and this can only be enjoyed when you are buying pets from a reliable breeder.  Before bringing home, make sure you collect all the essential knowledge of the breed and the breeder.  There are websites like

These are the sites from where you can get the important information. Choose breeders who can provide you with the certifications. There are reputable breeders who are having an online presence and can tell you what is good and bad.  If the breeder is saying yes to everything you are asking for, then it is the red sign to keep away. There is no 100% guarantee on pets about anything.

Make sure to do as much research as you can do so that you get a friendly, happy and healthy Persian cat as a new family member.  This is also going to save money over the long haul.  A cat with health problems will just empty your pockets.

Also, make sure that you are getting Persians only if it suits your lifestyle. Persians are adorable pets so take the best care of them.

Quick facts about Persian cats

  1. The Persian  cats are having gentle  and sweet personality and are usually quiet.
  2. It is a very old breed, but his history is not well known.
  3. These cats  are having long coats which need to be groomed daily.

Everything To Know About Siamese Cat’s Origin, History, And Much More!

If you are a cat lover, then you may be curious about the best-known cats in the world. Are you eager in having a vocal, demanding, smart, and curious cat? Then, Siamese cat is one of the well-known and popular cat breeds. This cat will oppose you all day long.


General idea

Being one of the oldest cat breeds, he was ballyhooed as the Royal Cat of Siam, which is named as Thailand these days. This elegantly light-colored cat with the amazing color points in lilac, seal, made, and chocolate made his Western Hemisphere entrance in Victorian England. He has been cherished ever since by a huge crowd of people who love to appreciate his vocal talents and good looks. He has a weight of 6 to 10 pounds.

Two types

This famous cat breed comes in 2 types, that is, Show and Traditional. The Traditional Siamese or the apple-headed Siamese, has a smooth-edged chunky body and head. While on the other hand, the Show Siamese has a tube-shaped body on lengthy legs, a wedge-shaped head along with triangular, big legs and an extended tail. In addition, the Show is a work of contemporary art, all angles and lines. Both types of the Siamese cat possess bright colored blue eyes, which demand the worship because of all cats.

Let’s discuss the personality!

No matter irrespective of the type of the Siamese cat you select, they both have the same awesome personality. Some people want this cat for just his looks. If you are the guy who is going to have it for his amazing looks, then you need to rethink about it. When it comes to the personality, it is a cat who are passionate about the people and need to involve himself in all the acts or things they are doing. At some time, if the people are not around him, then he will be going to entertain himself by playing with cabinets, faucets, looking for new hidey-holes to annoy anyone, who might be looking for him or many others. He also tends to watch television with a clear and keen interest. He can also walk on leash and do some activities like fetching with the similar inspiration and confidence as a certain other 4-legged animal to which he disregards being compared. His nick name is Meezer.

  • His voice makes him popular than his looks.
  • He can do interactions or conversations with his boss during the day and night.
  • He can give his opinions and ideas on what you are going to feed him or what you are    doing, or the extent of the attention he is getting from you.
  • He also explains what the dog in the surrounding is doing.


So, this is the cat to have only if you love his astonishing appearance, and never mind his bad language. Based on his personality, you can provide him with puzzle toys so that he can keep himself entertained and cannot mess up with anything. He is an interesting cat, who loves people of all ages both children and adults. This cat likes those people who desire to spend time with him, playing with him, speak to him, and get entertained.

A little bit about the history!

As above-mentioned, he entered in Victorian England by making his Western Hemisphere debut at Cat Show held in London’s Crystal Palace in 1871. There is nothing to be wondered in knowing that the primary Siamese to come to the USA arrived as a personage. In the year of 1879, the US Diplomat in Bangkok sent one of the unusual cats of the Thailand to Lucy Hayes, who was the President’s wife. He got spotlight as he had represented in many of the family favorite movies including
  • The Aristocrat
  • The Incredible Journey
  • Lady and the Tramp

At present, he has become a unique cat breed that has enumerated by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Color of the coat and its grooming

The appearance of the Siamese is based on the standard of the breed of each specific organization. Many cat associations call to have a graceful but muscular body with long lines. Its tubular body is supported by slim and long legs. The back legs support the body instead of front legs. He walks on dainty, small, oval paws and has a thin and long tail that spills to a fine point.
When it comes to the short coat, it has a fine texture. You can find it in four colors according to the International Cat Association including a pale fawn, seal point, deep seal brown, chocolate point, and a bluish-white body. All of these different colored Siamese have different body colors and features. The association permits for a variety of colors beyond the 4 point colors approved by CFA. They involve red points, tabby points, cream points, smoke points, silver tabby points, and parti-color points.


Maintain the hygiene

When you are going to own Siamese, it is also essential to understand the basics of the grooming for protecting the cat from all possible health diseases. There is nothing to be stressful as the short coat is very easy to groom. The coat can be combed using a stainless steel comb on a weekly basis. Moreover, the nails should be trimmed according to the requirements and it should be done generally every 10 to 14 days.

Keep in mind; the cats are inclined to periodontal disease. This is the reason why it is recommended to brush the cat’s teeth at home. Make sure to use a vet-approved toothpaste of the pet. Along with that, it is good to get appointments with veterinary dental cleanings on a regular basis.

Experts have advised that Siamese can be kept as an indoor-only cat so that he can stay protected from attacks by coyotes or dogs, diseases spread by other cats, and the other risks that cats may suffer from who go outside like being hit by a car. Many times, there are incidents, in which the Siamese cats are stolen by someone because of the elegant cats they have. So, you will have to take care of your cat, preventing the dangers for him.


Health plays an essential role for everyone, especially for animals as they tend to spread a wide range of diseases to the surrounding as well if they themselves are ill. You should know the health risks associated with the cats. Both mixed-breed cats and pedigreed cats have varying risks of health issues. These issues may be genetic in nature. The below-mentioned is the list of some possible health issues that Siamese may have:

  • Asthma or any bronchial disease.
  • Amyloidosis, this disease takes place when a kind of protein is deposited. This protein is called amyloid. 
  • Congenital heart weaknesses like aortic stenosis.

Kids and other pets

He is a social and active Siamese, who is an ideal choice for families with kids. If you have a dog at your home, then Siamese is a right choice. He has exciting features, which let him to play the fetch and also retrieves the things. Due to his greater personality, he also tends to learn tricks easily. Getting the attention from children and people is an exciting feature. He appreciates those people who treat him with respect in a caring and polite manner.

Features not to overlook

  •       Friendly to cats and kids
  •       Greater affection level and adaptability
  •       Higher energy
  •       Smart and attentive cats
  •       Have social needs
  •       Friendly to strangers as well

How to select a Siamese breeder?


Once you learn more about the Siamese before getting him to the home, then you have done your homework well and it would be pretty good to do your research work. On the web, there are many websites, where you can have complete information about the history, personality, appearance, care and health, or much more. So, before going to have a Siamese breed cat, it is good that you learn more about it.

Apart from the knowledge about the Siamese cat, it is also highly recommended that you should have a reputable breeder, from where you will get it. check out the breeder whether or not they will be abide by the code of ethics, which forbid sales to wholesalers and pet stores and outlines the responsibilities of the breeders to their cats and to purchasers. You need to pick up a breeder, who has achieved the health certification that are essential to screen out genetic health issues.

For finding a reputable breeder, you can take the support of the local veterinarian, who can recommend you about the breed to have, or where the healthy kittens are available. Prior to investing your money in the Siamese cat, making some hard efforts in the research work will give the best results in the long term. Make sure to show some patience because people may have to wait for six months or more to have a right Siamese kitten to be available. A number of breeders would not release kittens to new places until they have reached 12 to 16 weeks of age. So, be smart and take a wise action.